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Jessica Croft

mixed media artist

About Jessica Joy Studio


Paper collage sort of found me in 2017 when I couldn’t bring myself to toss out beloved books that my kids had read to literal pieces. I started cutting out bits from those tattered books to create collage art. My first collage was a Black-Eyed Susan floral piece and surprise! florals of all sorts still feature heavily in my work.  

I still work with paper sourced from secondhand places - the thrift store, estate sales, my recycling bin. And sometimes still from our personal bookshelf castoffs. There is something so satisfying for me to take what has been discarded and turn it into something new.

I'm here for joy, for delight, for making what brings those feelings up. 

Work with me


I love to work on collaborations of all kinds. My work has been featured on a power box mural and book cover, as well as in more traditional gallery spaces like Purple House Gallery in Gainesville, GA. If you have a project that you think I may be a good fit for, get in touch! Email me:

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